87th ACS 2013 UCR

Schedule Updates

Please note that the fold-out back portion of the symposium booklet has some incorrect presentation times for Wednesday during the General Papers VIII session.  They should be as follows: 

#360 is at 11:50 am

#361 is at 12:10 pm

#362 is at 12:30 pm

#363 is at 12:50 pm

Page 70 in the booklet reflects the correct times.

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

If you have any questions related to locations, session set-up, shuttles, etc. please see one of our conference volunteers in the purple shirts! Check this site often for updates before and during the conference. This site is designed to display beautifully on your mobile device too!

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Registration for the Wine Tasting Trip is still open! Reservations will be accepted at the conference until 10am on Tuesday, June 25th. The Disneyland Trip is sold out! No more reservations for the Disneyland trip will be taken at this time.

See you soon in Riverside!
Sharon Walker and Francisco Zaera, Conference Co-Chairs


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